Laura Ashley 4 Slice Toaster by VQ with Defrost & Reheat Mode Stainless Steel Body Includes Warming Rack – Elveden Navy - YRSW8898

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  • 7 HEAT SETTINGS: The seven-setting variable heat control on this 4-Slice toaster allows for precise toasting. Giving you the ability to toast your favourite food at the perfect grade

  • EASY TO REMOVE TOAST: One of the many great features of this stunning toaster is the high lift lever. Allowing you to remove your perfect toasted food without burning your fingers. It also has a handy an anti-jam function which will turn the toaster off if any toast gets jammed inside

  • QUALITY: The VQ 4-Slice toaster is made with high-grade, durable stainless-steel and has been triple inspected for safety and quality. It is durable and resists scratches. WHICH Award-winning manufacturer VQ offering a 24- month warranty. Now blending its design and style into house and home appliances with a range of stunning handmade products in partnership with leading global design partner Laura Ashley

  • AUTO-CENTRING + WIDE SLOTS + WARMING RACK: The auto-centring feature ensures that whatever you are toasting it is perfectly toasted on all sides. The wide slots allow you to cook tasty bagels, luscious crumpets and wholesome thick-sliced bread. The warming rack included is for heating croissants or keeping your toast warm whilst you are preparing breakfast

  • MULTIPLE MODES: This multi-functional toaster comes with multiple toasting modes such as a defrost function. Allowing you to toast items straight from the freezer. A reheat function heats the food you have already cooked without over- browning or burning it. Also, a detachable crumb tray preventing crumbs falling onto your countertop, keeping your toaster and kitchen nice and clean

  • Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with this four slice toaster featuring a classic Laura Ashley floral print. The toaster is easy to use with seven toast setting so you’ll find your perfect golden brown. The four slice capacity is ideal for family kitchens. The toaster also feature a handy defrost mode and of course a reheat for those distracted moments.

    The toaster could not be easier to use with simple and tactile heat control with seven settings to ensure your toast is always done just so, in addition to this the toasters feature illuminated buttons for defrosting & reheating modes as well as of course cancelling the current toasting. For added convenience the toasting arm allows high lifting, which will raise your toast higher in the rack making it easier and safer to pick up.

    The internal toasting rack on both toasters is extra wide which allows for thick bread, crumpets and other larger items to be toasted. Furthermore the auto-centering means even when toasting thinner items you will enjoy an even brown on both sides. For safety the toaster benefits from an anti-jam function which will turn the toaster off if toast becomes stuck. You will also receive a bun/croissant warming accessory which can be used above the toasting rack to help prepare items that require heating but not direct toasting.

    The toaster is easy to clean with dual removeable crumb trays and body formed of stainless steel & gloss UV coated hand decorated panels. In addition to this to keep your kitchen tidy the toasters have discreet cable management on their underside.

    Designed and engineered in the UK, backed by a two year warranty a Laura Ashley toaster by VQ is the perfect way to style your kitchen.

    Laura Ashley 4 Slice Toaster by VQ with Defrost & Reheat Mode Stainless Steel Body Includes Warming Rack – Elveden Navy - YRSW8898